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Since our inception, Swinehart 

Consulting has focused on building a legal nursing consulting firm dedicated to the review of nursing home records.

The company was founded by legal nurse consultant Amy Swinehart to provide medical expertise to attorneys representing people injured at nursing homes. Ms. Swinehart’s vast experience in the nursing home field guides these case reviews. Many legal nurse consulting agencies will list “nursing home cases” as one of their areas of expertise, but it’s really just a sideline.  At Swinehart Consutling, nursing home cases are what we do.


The Most Comprehensive Nursing Home Merit Reports

We know that attorneys usually take these cases on a contingency fee, so our comprehensive nursing home merit reports’ guidance about which cases to invest in is an important part of what we do. Our initial merit report helps lawyers decide whether a particular nursing home case is likely to be successful, giving attorneys a red or green light early on.  There must be clear medical evidence that negligent actions caused a serious injury or made it worse, that’s why our merit reports are so comprehensive and detailed. We remain available to discuss the reports and to answer questions attorneys may have.  Our attorneys tell us that they would never be able to help people with nursing home cases without our support.

Experts in “Standard of Care” for Nursing Homes

As nursing home specialists, we are the legal nurse consultants with the strongest knowledge of standard of care at nursing homes.  Our 30 years of combined experience means that we know just about everything about the medical structure and workflows at residential nursing facilities.  There are specific standards of care that are in place for wound care, nutrition, hydration and fall cases that we can apply to the facts that clients present.  

Key Players on Your Legal Team

​Beyond our initial legal nurse consultant merit report for your nursing home case, we can provide support throughout the life of a case.  We can assist attorneys in preparing pleadings, making and defending motions and in preparing settlement packages for insurance companies.  Our expertise will help strengthen your cases and save you the time and effort you would need to otherwise invest in researching medical standards of care and injuries.  We seek long term relationships with attorneys, going out of our ways to make sure they are satisfied at every stage of our work.  That’s why our attorneys come back to us and recommend us to their colleagues. 

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