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Initial Merit Reviews

Case Chronology Reports

A thorough evaluation of medical records to determine whether or not the case should be retained.  Our report will include adherences to and/or departures from the nursing standards of care, including violations of state of federal laws and regulations as applicable.  If breaches occurred, we will assess whether or not those breaches caused harm to the patient, so you can determine whether making a claim for negligence or medical malpractice would be worthwhile.

Our case chronology reports facilitate drafting bills of particulars, requesting and providing discovery, drafting and defending motions and other litigation needs.  Our reports are also helpful in determining damages and the value of your case, by clarifying the extent of residuals and what treatment may be needed going forward and/or lifelong.

Litigation Support

Our job doesn’t end when you decide to accept a matter.  We can help you organize and understand all the medical reports that come in throughout the case.  The amount of records associated with a nursing home case can be overwhelming, but we know how to navigate through them to quickly extract what’s relevant.  We can even hyperlink the relevant documentation to the report!

Custom Services

If none of our service packages meets your specific needs, we’ll be happy to put together a custom package.  Please feel free to Contact Us.

Turn Around Time

Typically 14-21 days. However; we request a 30-day window. In the event that you have a rush deadline, we are happy to accommodate.

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